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With new design and integration tools, enhanced driver and device support, and improved print performance- LABELVIEW is at the leading edge of label design and output technology.


LABELVIEW 7.0 now supports ten 2D and composite bar code symbologies to meet virtually any industry compliance specification. A Uniform Code Council and European Article Numbering (UCC/EAN) 128 Assistant has been added to help you create properly formatted bar codes and print them over your network or the Internet.


Simplify label design with the new Shapes feature LABELVIEW software now enables you to create your own graphic libraries or select from hundreds of useful shapes for hazardous materials, packaging, warning symbols and more.


With LABELVIEW 7.0 you have all the benefits of OLE DB that provide universal data integration over enterprise networks ranging from mainframes to desktops. More reliable and faster than the ODBC technology it replaces.

Bar Code Printing Terminals  

PRINTPAD CE bar code terminals give you PC power with laptop mobility. PRINTPAD CE terminals work with over 850 different thermal/thermal transfer printers and make it easy to download and produce sophisticated labels using LABELVIEW Pro or LABELVIEW Gold bar code labeling software. PRINTPAD CE can import data from a wide variety of external sources, including scales, scanners and verifiers, using Universal Serial Bus (USB), Ethernet connections, through its flash card socket as well as via standard serial and parallel interfaces.


Whether you need to print bar codes, text, graphic images, or from databases, LABELVIEW 7.0 has the features to help you design and print labels with ease. It supports over 30 bar code symbologies, TrueType fonts, and over 850 thermal and laser printers, providing the flexibility to handle all of your labeling applications—today and in the future.

OLE Automation
In a modern business, data arrives from everywhere. Moving this data from native applications to a label has historically been difficult.

The LABELVIEW 7.0, OLE Automation server exposes its objects, methods, and properties to be controlled by other applications. Applications such as Visual Basic, Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel, Delphi, C++, or other languages can produce “front end” applications that make label printing easier.programming.

Enhanced Database Connectivity
LABELVIEW 7 offers enhanced database connectivity including a built-in database editor to create relational databases for label production, and the flexibility for users to create their own customized Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. LABELVIEW 7 also supports File DSN. Using File DSN, users can distribute DSN parameters in a text file so files can be distributed from one PC to another using the ODBC administrator.

Command Files—UNIX™ and AS/400™ Integration
Command Files makes printing to any bar code or Windows® printer from an AS/400 mainframe or UNIX host now simpler and faster. Send a simple text file or database file from any mainframe application and LABELVIEW 7.0 will manage the printing automatically. Command files are easy to generate from DOS, Windows, UNIX and legacy mainframe systems. Labeling software can then send print jobs to any connected printer, including different brands and models and add graphics or 2D bar codes.

Compliance Label Design
Compliance labeling often requires sophisticated label design capabilities. LABELVIEW 7.0 includes the design functionality you're looking for, including the ability to add bar codes, variable fields, graphics, shapes and colors. LABELVIEW 7.0 also includes advanced database connectivity options through OLE DB and enables you to link directly the data with your labels. Customized SQL query can also be setup for more complex data queries.

1 Database Connectivity
Through native dBase or Microsoft ODBC allows for easy querying and printing for database files.
2 CommWatch
Allows data to be printed from a serial device such as a scale or bar code scanner.
3 Variable Field Capability
Allows for date and time stamps, linked expressions for calculating data within your label, and more.
4 2D Symbologies
Allows for encoding more data in smaller areas.
5 LABELVIEW Symbol TrueType Font
Allows you to print industry specific symbols that are high quality at any size.
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