Unitech Make PA 960  

Business productivity and efficiency is the irresistible force driving Enterprise to adopt mobile tools. The Unitech PA960 was specifically designed to increase your productivity in the warehouse, on the road, or in the field - by dynamically linking data collection and host systems.

Versatile Design for Data Input - Anytime, Anywhere
The PA960 incorporates a built-in scanner for industry standard bar codes, a 19 key keypad, and a touch screen. Data Collection is simple, fast and accurate. Expansion slots for WLAN or WWAN make real world data transaction possible where you really need it - in the field. Working environments are not always perfectly lit, so the PA960 features display and keypad backlight that make anytime, anywhere operation possible. Control the keypad backlight on/off and display backlight brightness for power saving via simple hot keys.


Rugged & Mobile
The rugged PA 960 can withstand 1.2 meter (4 foct) bounces off a concrete floor and is sealed to IP54 standards against water and dust. The rugged housing protects the terminal against the harsh working environment often encountered by mobile user. The double-cell battery pack provides long hors of mobile operation, uncompromised productivity, and minimal down time.

Bridging Current and Future Infrastructure
The PA960 comes equipped with both a PCMCIA Type II slot and CR Type I/ Type II slot for WWAN, WWLAN, MEMORY, and many other uses. The PA960's expansion slots easily accommodate future Enterprise Technology requirements.

User Friendly
Despite IP54 sealing and the double-cell battery, the PA960's ergonomic design still easily fits the user's hand. Users increase productivity right from the start with minimum training thanks to the PA960's vivid 240 by 320 color display, touch screen, and the familiar Windows operating system.

  Main Features :  
  • Windows® CE® Operating System
  • Intel StrongARM SA 1110 Processor @206MHz
  • Reflective TFT Color Screen provides brilliant & vivid display
  • 19 key keypad includes numeric key, alpha key, and function key
  • User controllable LCD and keypad backlight
  • User accessible PCMCIA Type II slot & CF Type I/II for expansion
  • Double-cell rechargeable Li-ion battery pack 7.4V 1800mAH
  • IP54 sealed against rain & dust
  • Survives 1.2M free drop to concrete floor-minimum down time.
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 3.0
Browser IE4.0
CPU Intel StrongARM 206MHz
Memory SDRAM : 64MB
Speaker A 8 Speaker as the sound transducer. Volume controllable bye software
LED Indicator Dual color (green/red)
  240 by 320 Reflective TFT Color LCD, with backlight, with touch screen.  
  19 hard keys including numeric keypad, alpha keypad, ESC, ENT, FUNC, Backspace, and a cursor key.
2 side keys for scanner trigger.
  Input Devices  
  Touch screen, stylus, keypad, full alphanumeric software keyboard and bar code scanner.  
  Bar code Scanner  
Light source 650 + 10 nm visible laser diode
Scan rate 39 + 3 scans / sec.
Contrast 25% absolute dark/light reflectance
Scan Angle 53° nominal
Symbologies UPC-A/E, EAN 8/13, Codabar, Code 39, Code 39 full ASCI, Code 93, Code 32, Interleaved & Std. 2 of 5, EAN 128, Code 11, Delta, MSI/Plessey, Code 128, Toshiba
Resolution Depth of field
5.0 mils 2-5.2"
7.5 mils 1.7-8"
10.0 mils 1.8-10"
15.0 mils 1.9-13"
20.0 mils *-20"
40.0 mils *-25"
55.0 mils *-30"
  • Depends on symbol width
RS232C Full duplex asynchronous communication
USB 1.0
Infrared IrDA 1.2 (SIR) compliant. Up to 115, 200 baud rate.
PCMCIA Type II slot accepts memory, modem, WLAN and WWAN cards.
CF Type I/II slot accepts memory or WLAN card.
Sources 1) 12V DC external adapter, 2A
2) Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack @ 7.4V, 1800mAH
3) Rechargeable Ni-MH @ 1.2 V, 600mAH as backup battery
Consumption Standby : 100mA at 8V
Suspend : 5mA
Battery life More than 10 hours at 1 scan 1 pass every 5 seconds with LCD backlight enabled
Charge 3 hours with charging cable or with docking station
Shock Withstands multiple 4 ft. (1.2m) drops to concrete floor
Length 7.28" (185 mm)
Width 3.49" (87.6 mm)
Depth 1.70" (43.3mm)
Weight 442g with battery pack
Operating Temperature -5°C to 50° C
Storage Temperature -20° C to 60° C
Humidity 5 to 95% RH non-condensing
  Docking Station  
Interface RS232, USB
Charging 3 hours
Power Input AC adapter 12V DC@2A
  • Carrying case
  • Communication / charging cable
  • Docking station
  • Vehicle cradle
  • 4 slot Multibay
  • Modem Card
  • Memory Card
  • GSM / GPES Card
  • WLAN card
  • AC adapter
  • Li-ion batter pack
  Development tool  
  • Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools
  • Unitech PA960 SDK
  • PowerNet TN Client
  • RFGen
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